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As an amateur naturalist I enjoy observing the abundance of life in my gardens in the summer. I often take my drawing paper and pencils outdoors to record the progress of plants and the life around them. I have taken to noting whatever shows up while I draw. After several days the result is a drawing full of the activity of plants, animals and insects. Bringing reverent attention to these beings not only educates me but also creates an affection and gratitude for them as well. How blessed to live in such beauty!

These beautiful giclee prints are made from original watercolor drawings by Janet Fredericks and are signed by the artist. Archival inks and 100% rag paper are used to ensure a lasting image. The artist advises you to display the prints out of direct sunlight. Each print is shrink-wrapped for shipping.

Please call the artist to assure availablity. 802.453.5425

Shipping $15 within the USA
Allow 2 weeks within the USA
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Dragonfly, 10" x 10", $150

Wild Cucumber

Wild Cucumber on Sunflower Leaves, 14.5 x 20", $250


Insects, 8 x 8", $150


Sunflower, approx. 14 x 10", $200

Water Garden

Water Garden, 10 x 10", $200


Beebalm, approx. 14 x 10", $200

Garden Visitors

Garden Visitors, 30 x 22", $300

Garden Visitors, 22 x 16", $250

Milkweed and Friends

Milkweed Poem, 20 x 14.5", $250

Milkweed and Friends

Milkweed Poem (detail), 15 x 14.5", $200

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